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There are solutions when corruptions of PST files are likely occurring in Outlook email application, due to heavy Outlook PST files. To solve out this problem you can try SysTools Split PST Software which provide step by step solution regarding to How to Split .PST Files quickly and effectively.

Microsoft outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft. Around the global most of user use it to share personal information as well as enterprise. It uses PST file, mean personal information table to store all the information. Thus, this PST becomes one of important parts of Outlook email application.

Software Problems

Heavy Outlook PST Files: It is quite understandable that continuous uses of Outlook created a PST files which is heavy in sized. This heavy PST files rapidly slow down the speed of Outlook and also increasing the damaging probability of PST files. Now it requires an excellent solution of third-party to split large sized PST files into smaller parts.

Problem Due to large PST: multiple large sized PST files pose too many series problem. It require excellent solution otherwise Outlook get sluggish speed forever. To cut down this problem need to fragments too many large sized MS Outlook PST files into smaller parts. Otherwise some of the common problem arise look down:
Searching is time-consuming : In side huge  large sized PST files searching for located information is time consuming because large size PST files lake more time to open & close. Other hand, it is quite easy with too many smaller PST files. Our softwre help you to slove How to Split PST file queary?

Software Repair

Sluggish Speed of Outlook:  Heavy PST files can affect Outlook’s fast speed frequently. Sluggish Outlook slow down your all emailing operations which can be hamper working speed , due to all these your crucial time get wasted.

Corruption of PST Files: Some older version of Outlook like 2000, 2002 have the 2GM memory limitation means in this version of Outlook you can save till 2GB data. If the sized of PST files cross this final limitation your PST files got corrupted. Due to this Outlook may be.

Break Large PST: TO solver out above mention problem only one solution is come in front of you that are break large PST files into smaller parts. To do perform this task you can use any online solution according to your ease. Out of them one strong sound is SysTools Split PST Software

Outlook PST Splitter Tool: This is one of the reliable and time-saving tools of SysTools able to perfectively split multiple large sized MS Outlook PST files into smaller PST files. This tool can easily, safely, competently and efficiently break PST files into smaller sized PST files.

Extra Splitting Options: For your ease SysTools Split PST Software added some extra splitting options to cut down heavy PST files into smaller parts, see below:
Split PST by Date: Using this options you can use large sized PST files according to date to PST files
Split PST by Size: This option will helps you to divide large PST according to size of entire PST
Split PST by year: With this option you can fragment bulky PST by the year of PST files
Split PST by Folders: Using this option you can split PST files according to folder

Split PST by Selected Folders: With this option you can cut down larger PST files into smaller parts by the selected folders.