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Laptop Repair

Common Laptop Repairs
Laptops are a big investment,so if yours begins to experience problems,its important to rectify it as quickly as possible.Trying to establish the exact cause can be difficult for most people,with a range of possibilities due to the amount of internal components.Here are some of the more common problems that may result in you needing a laptop repair.

laptop screen repair

Power Problems
If your laptop begins to experience power problems, such as no longer charging, there could be several causes.The battery may be dead and need replacing; the DC inlet (area where the power supply connects to the laptop) could become dislodged from the motherboard.On some rare occasions,the problem is much more deep rooted.The best thing you can do is contact a laptop repaircentre.

laptop computer repair

Screen Problems
Screens are delicate components of the laptop, and problems can vary greatly,with the root cause often difficult to establish.From the obvious problems,like broken screens to difficult to detect problems such as faulty graphics cards,loose cables and damaged inverters.Its almost always best to have a professional laptop technician diagnose the exact cause.

Hard Drive Failure
If your computer begins to experience a blue screen with error details and unprompted shut-downs,this can often be a sign of a hard drive failing.If your knowledge of laptop repair is minimal, send your laptop to a trained technician.

Ace support collected my laptop from my workplace and performed a full diagnosis for free. It turned out that my hard drive was failing,so they recovered all my data,fitted a new hard drive then transferred the data across.I was only without my laptop for about 48 hours!