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The exam was due the next day and I was to proctor the exam. Students were excited and rearing to go! Just to rehearse the whole examination procedure the entire class converged in the academic block to take a mock test. Professor Taylor was to log in from New York and the students had to access their email account, while the slide share would flash the questions on their screens. This was the first time when this batch of MBA students and their Professor were trying to conduct this minor exam online. The students opened their laptops, and logged in to the site. Being an open book exam, one could use available notes on their computers and data on Internet in the limited time available for each question.

One could not help miss the nervousness on the faces of students as they waited for the mock test to commence. A few began to reset their systems as the word documents they needed to reference refused to open up. Others were having difficulties in logging in to their accounts and systems had started to become extremely slow. It was taking ages for Internet sites to open or even switch from one application to another. There was no way that the exam could be conducted in this present scenario. There seems to be a virus in my computer! exclaimed one of the students, It was all fine a couple of minutes back, said another. The examiner was quick to realize that the problem could be related to a virus or Denial of Service attack due to which the students were neither unable to access the required sites nor open their word documents. Malware for those who are still unaware of its potential for disasters is short for malicious software, which is designed to secretly access a computer system without the owner’s informed consent. The expression is a general term used by computer professionals to mean a variety of forms of hostile, intrusive, or annoying software or program code.

The assistance of iYogi the technical support specialist of the examination centre was immediately sought over the phone and a separate internet connection. Within, minutes, remote tech support was available from iYogi and a technician was able to remotely connect and monitor the virus activity on the network computers. The technician mentioned that the Virus Server of the network did not have an important patch to address the Zero Day vulnerability that was causing the chaos. The technician immediately loaded a patch for the same on to the Antivirus Server and all examinees were guided on how to run a virus scan on their computers. The prompt virus removal by iYogi technician helped conduct the mock test in the next 30 minutes and also helped set pace for the final exam next day. This experience alerted me and the students about dangers of spyware and viruses. Not to forget, the quick resolution of the problem by iYogi technician brought awareness about how fast and efficient remote tech support can be in these situations. It is amazing that across the world virus attacks and spyware cost companies a fortune, here are some startling facts:

Since 2003 virus attacks have increased by nearly fifty per cent, at a startling rate of 392 encounters per 1000 machines per month. The number of harmful virus attacks where 25 or more PCs or servers were infected at the same time in an organisation, has increased by12 per cent from 2003.

Keeping in mind the escalation in virus attacks, I have adopted a safe strategy of entrusting iYogi with the responsibility of virus removal and maintaining the general health of my computer. iYogi technicians are swift, efficient and provide cost effective solutions for virus removal and all computer related issues. The antivirus software that we install on our laptop provides effective defense against virus attacks. But most of the users are unaware about the settings and are unable to use antivirus software to its full potential. However, with the help of iYogi technicians this problem too can be solved. They have extensive knowledge have about the use of antivirus software, its settings and its utilization.

I was relieved when we resumed the test and Professor Brandon Taylor smiled on our web cam. The test continued without any glitch! I for one have saved iYogi toll free number in my cell and computer!